7 languages in Lambertseter

Clas Ohlson’s corporate language is English, which helps inclusion as our approximately 5,000 co-workers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Vietnam, and Poland speak many different languages – over thirty altogether.

“Having a diverse team helps you understand different cultures and life experiences better. It is a strength that we are multicultural and speak several languages,” says Francielle Lubke, Store Manager at Lambertseter in Oslo.

Many of the customers in Lambertseter are non-native to the Norwegian language, and several of Francielle’s co-workers have previous experience of living in other countries and cultures; the team boasts seven languages. This means that many customers can get help in their native language. The available languages are highlighted by the flags on the nameplates, which is a service many of Clas Ohlson’s employees have chosen to offer.

"The workplace is our second home and we become like a family at work. I think it's important that we reflect the society we live in. Diversity goes hand in hand with integration, which I am very proud to be able to contribute to. It is a strength of the company that we are multicultural and speak several languages. If we have any language problems, we use Google translate. We are solution-oriented and use sign language if necessary to understand each other. It works!” says Francielle.  
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