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Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson – why our homes matter to retail Our home is part of our identity and what we buy to the home become a part of who we are. Our homes are therefore important arena for retail. So, what is trending in people’s homes right now?
Premiere for Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson premiered yesterday. Retail Talks is a new arena for discussion about the future of retail including trends, possibilities, challenges and business, hosted by Clas Ohlson.
Svenska Designpriset to Clas Ohlson and Daresay! The price ceremony of Svenska Designpriset (the Swedish Design Prize) took place yesterday evening in Stockholm. Clas Ohlson was nominated in three categories and won gold in the category “Digital – Smartphone” for the app Clas Ohlson Home.
Clas Ohlson Lab Store – a new arena for solving problems at home Clas Ohlson opened a new Lab Store in Stockholm yesterday evening. Lab Store is a new concept store that is built like a home, offering customers a new Clas Ohlson experience
Eva Schreiber new CIO at Clas Ohlson A strategy focusing on the future and a new digital platform was something that made Eva Schreiber, newly appointed CIO at Clas Ohlson, curious. "Being a part of this feels really exciting".
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