Annual General Meeting 2017

Clas Ohlson’s supreme governing body is the Annual General Meeting, where every shareholder has a right to participate, either in person or by proxy via power of attorney.

Once again, Clas Ohlson’s Annual General Meeting attracted visitors from all over Sweden and established its position as Sweden’s largest AGM. Approximately 1,400 people gathered at Clas Ohlson’s distribution center in Insjön on September 9, 2017.

”This was my first Annual General Meeting at Clas Ohlson. I had heard a lot about it but still couldn’t imagine what a big event it actually is. The commitment to the company is quite unique and the presence of the Clas Ohlson spirit is apparent. Not least, it has also been a great opportunity for me to talk to many interested shareholders”, says Lotta Lyrå, President and CEO of Clas Ohlson.

In connection with the Annual General Meeting, parts of Clas Ohlson's 77,000 square meter distribution center was temporarily converted into a fair hall and auditorium with seating for more than 1,500 guests. News from all of Clas Ohlson's product categories Home, Electrical, Leisure, Hardware and Multimedia was displayed to interested visitors.

”In particular, we get many questions about our new indoor lighting range with LED. There is also great interest around the decorative Christmas lighting”, says Markus Karlberg, Category Manager Electrical and one of the exhibitors at the product fair.

Insjön is famously the home of the world's largest Clas Ohlson store, but at the Annual General Meeting, the world's smallest Clas Ohlson store also came to visit. The Clas Ohlson Pop-up store was packed with great deals and top-class service. Next stop for Clas Ohlson's rolling store will be Lund where the Pop-up store will be in place between 11-13 September.


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