Diversity and inclusion Policy

Diversity is vital in creating winning teams and companies.

Research shows that an inclusive organization is more creative, engaged, and creates better results. We are convinced that diversity and inclusion:

  • Creates high engagement and adds customer value
  • Helps us embrace diverse ideas and perspectives
  • Is a strategic asset that will help us develop as an organization and as individuals
  • Will help us reach our goals
  • Leads to a more sustainable organization and a better financial performance
  • Helps us reflect our diverse customer base

Clas Ohlson has zero tolerance for discrimination.

Our ambition is to:

  • Have gender balance on all levels in our company (50/50)

Today we have 46 % women in total, and 36 % women as leaders.

  • Increase the number of employees with background in other countries than the Nordics. Our long-term target is 20 % co-workers from other countries.

Today, 9 % of our employees have background in a country outside of the Nordics. This is according to a voluntary internal survey.

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