Code of Business Ethics

Showing respect and caring for people and the environment is fundamental to Clas Ohlson, as is behaving ethically and with integrity and honesty in our business practices.

Our Code of Business Ethics describes our commitment to maintaining high ethical standards. This means making sound business decisions without consideration for personal, third-party or related-party gains, not accepting, offering or paying bribes, and complying with applicable laws and regulations. All our co-workers are instructed in and must understand, accept and comply with this Code.

We always act in compliance with national laws and the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute’s (Institutet Mot Mutor - IMM) Code on Gifts, Rewards and other Benefits in Business (the Code of Business Conduct).

The Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute (IMM) is a non-profit business organisation. Its mission is to promote ethical decision processes within business as well as within the rest of the community, and to prevent the use of bribes and other types of corruption as a means of affecting decision processes.

The Code on Gifts, Rewards and other Benefits in Business is a form of self-regulation that should be viewed as a supplement to legislation, complementing and clarifying criminal provisions. The Code is administered by the Institute.

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