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Clas Ohlson launches new visual identity

Clas Ohlson new identity
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Today Clas Ohlson is launching its new visual identity with a new logo and updated colours. The new identity reflects the transformation that Clas Ohlson has undergone, with clear ties to the company's history and will make the brand easier to recognise.

‘As a company we have changed time and again for over a hundred years. From Clas Ohlson's cycle repair shop and subsequent mail-order business to an international chain store that made a name for itself as the modern ironmonger's. Now we are a home improvement retailer that simplifies everyday life with products, advice and services in stores, online and in customers' homes.  That change also needs to be reflected in how we look,’ says President and CEO Kristofer Tonström.

The new identity conveys a simplicity with an updated colour palette, a new font and a distinct logo.

‘We will be more recognisable. It will be easy to recognise a product from Clas Ohlson or a Clas Ohlson store’, says Kristofer Tonström.

The work of launching the identity started already in the winter when newly opened stores received new facade signs, but now the official launch takes place with an updated look in digital channels and marketing. All future changes are planned to take place in a sustainable way, which means that new facade signs and furnishings in the stores as well as new product packaging are phased in step by step.

The inspiration for the symbol in the new brand logo is taken from the sign that has been hanging on the facade of the Clas Ohlson Head Office in Insjön since 1972.

‘I am glad that we can honour our history while at the same time showing that we are continuing to develop. I am really looking forward to the continued journey of making a positive difference every day for our customers where it is most important - in their homes’, says Kristofer Tonström.

Clas Ohlson's new visual identity has been developed in collaboration with the agencies Kurppa Hosk and BAS.

For more information please contact:
Niklas Carlsson, Group Head of Communications, Tel: 0247-444 29, niklas.carlsson@clasohlson.se


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