Clas Ohlson in Jessheim receives Sustainability Award

Jessheim Storsenter in Norway has awarded Clas Ohlson with their Sustainability Award 2024, stating that:

"This Sustainability Award is intended to honour those who care for the environment. Recycling and reuse are key elements deeply embedded in the daily operations of the nominees.

The Sustainability Award of the year is presented to the ones that has excelled in this area. This store takes the environment and sustainability seriously, with a long list of measures aimed at making the future a better place. Additionally, the employees demonstrate great skill in sorting waste and putting in extra efforts for the environment."

Eirill Sofie C. Brenden, Store Manager at Clas Ohlson in Jessheim Storsenter, says of the award: 

"We are extremely proud to receive the Sustainability Award of the year. This is a collective effort from all of my fantastic co-workers in the store who make a difference every day. Whether by helping our customers fix their belongings using products from our range, or by offering smart and sustainable solutions to simplify life."

"We sort and sell 'almost new' items at reduced prices, providing feedback to logistics and sales if we believe something can be improved. Everyone working here at Jessheim Storsenter is very engaged, which is also reflected in our great work environment," Eirill Sofie C. Brenden says.

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