How did Batterijakten 2024 go?

In this year’s edition of Batterijakten, Norwegian fourth graders and our co-workers in stores have helped recycle almost 130 tons of batteries (128 542 kg), an amazing effort!

This amount of collected batteriers equals to 7,7 kg per pupil. 

“I would like to thank everyone for their great efforts and engagement, well done! Once again, you have contributed to increasing awareness of the environment and recycling among Norwegian 4th graders. By participating in the Batterijakten, we have hopefully reinforced good environmental habits with the children, that might last for the rest of their lives!” says Fernando Heredia, project leader for Batterijakten at Clas Ohlson, and Store Manager in Slependen.

Over 800 classes and more than 16,500 students have participated this year, and instead of one winner taking the grand prize, this year saw three winners. 

Class 4A at Skåredalen skole in Rogaland
Class 4 at Aure barneskule i Møre and Romsdal
Class 4 at Drangedal in Telemark

Each county also has county winners.

“Congratulations to all, and hopefully we will all meet again!” says Fernando Heredia.

Facts about Batterijakten

Batterijakten is a school competition for fourth graders organised by Miljøagentene, in collaboration with Clas Ohlson, Varta and Batteriretur.

The aim of Batterijakten is to teach pupils about recycling and how we can take better care of the earth's resources. To earn points and win the competition, the pupils have not only collected batteries, but also completed weekly assignments. Through the weekly assignments, they have unleashed their creativity and created battery art, eco-friendly inventions and posters with the environmental causes they care about most.

Photo: Johnny Vaet Nordskog

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