The Norwegian battery hunt has started!

Stray batteries are an environmental problem. Through Batterijakten, Norway's fourth graders collect a large amount of batteries for recycling. At the same time, the pupils learn how all can take better care of the Earth's resources.

"A great number of children participate in Batterijakten every year. This year, more than 16,000 students take part in the competition, which will raise awareness about recycling, reuse and the environment. I am proud that Clas Ohlson is investing in this project," says Fernando Heredia, Store Manager and Project Manager at Clas Ohlson for Batterijakten.
During the twelve years that Batterijakten (the battery hunt) has been organised, fourth graders have collected almost 1,000 tonnes of batteries. 
The purpose of Batterijakten is to teach students how everyone can become better at utilising the earth's resources. Batterijakten is arranged by Miljøagentene in cooperation with Clas Ohlson, Varta and Batteriretur. 
Photo Batterijakten: Johnny Vaet Nordskog
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