Clas Ohlson, second best in the industry according to Sustainable Brand Index

In this year's edition of the Sustainable Brand Index, Clas Ohlson secured second place in the 'Hobby & Leisure' category. In the overall ranking, we landed at 72nd place out of a total of 432 brands.

The winner in the category, Plantagen, claimed the 67th spot in the overall ranking.

"I am proud that our ambitious sustainability efforts are reflected in our brand and recognized by our customers. Despite the increased number of brands in this year's survey and heightened competition, we maintain our position in the overall ranking. This shows that we are doing many things right," says Anna Strindberg, Sustainability & Compliance Manager.

"We want to make home fixing available, sustainable, and enjoyable for everyone. Over the past year, we have taken significant steps on our sustainability journey, especially in terms of communication with our customers. I am happy to see that this is appreciated among our customers, and I look forward to our continued journey," says Anna Strindberg.

Sustainable Brand Index is Europe's largest independent brand study with a focus on sustainability. The study examines how customers perceive the sustainability of various brands. Sustainable Brand Index has its origins in Sweden in 2011, and this year's survey included 29,000 respondents. The study covered 432 brands across 36 industries. In last year's edition, 418 brands were included.

More information about the study: SB Insight

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