All of the Lambertseter store becoming sustainability ambassadors

By the end of May, the entire team of 16 people in our store in Lambertseter, Norway, are sustainability ambassadors. Why, and what is a sustainability ambassador at Clas Ohlson?

"When I heard Clas Ohlson's goal of having at least one sustainability ambassador per store and function, I felt that I wanted to go even further. By the end of May, everyone in our store will be a sustainability ambassador!" smiles Francielle Lubke, store manager in Lambertseter, Oslo.

A Sustainability Ambassador is a person who concretely contributes to Clas Ohlson's sustainability work by learning more about sustainability, giving feedback and sharing sustainability information at their workplace.

"Having sustainability ambassadors not only strengthens our commitment to sustainability, but also gives us the opportunity to make a greater contribution to our society and environment. We want to promote new solutions and encourage the reuse of the things that are already in homes. Sometimes it takes a bit of equipment to give something new life, but it's worth it. We are here to offer advice and support for any project or uncertainty our customers may have," says Francielle.

Today, there are over 320 trained sustainability ambassadors at Clas Ohlson, including all members of the management team and board.

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