Sometimes, tangled string lights can lead to broken string lights

It might be good to know that the risk of breakage and emotional outbursts can decrease with a cable reel.

If the string light is already broken, it might be worth considering some that tangle less and withstand more.

"If you would like to try a newer design, we have a variant called Northlight Mini LED. It tangles less because the lights are integrated into the cord. The integration also allows each light to shine in all directions. In addition, the lights are encapsulated to prevent moisture from penetrating them," says Karin Lundin, Product Manager at Clas Ohlson. 

“For those who prefer a more classic appearance, we have for example our Pro series. We have reinforced the string lights in this series to make them really durable. You can expand and branch them out as needed, and they come with a 5-year warranty,” says Karin Lundin.

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