Ecolabelled e-com transports

For many years, we have worked together with our logistics partners to jointly reduce transport-related emissions. We are now pleased to offer Nordic Swan Ecolabel e-com deliveries together with PostNord.

“It has been difficult for customers to make environmentally good choices when it comes to deliveries, as there has been no easily accessible information in the industry. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel recognised this and developed criteria for logistics in 2023, by which Postnord has been certified. It feels really good to be able to offer our customers this choice,” says Sara Bergfelt, Transport Coordinator at Clas Ohlson.

The Nordic Swan ecolabelled logistics meet 20 strict climate and environmental requirements, for example regarding emission reduction, energy efficiency and sustainable fuels. In the social area, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets requirements for secure employments and good working conditions.

“Our sustainability agenda naturally includes reducing emissions from the transports we offer to our customers. Since 2019, we are also part of the Fossil Free Sweden initiative, which we also apply to Norway and Finland," says Anna Strindberg, Sustainability & Compliance Manager.

“Clas Ohlson does not own any transportations, so it is only together with our partners that we can make a difference in reducing emissions, and to be able to offer our customers more environmentally friendly alternatives," says Anna Strindberg.

Logistics ceritified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is currently only available in Sweden.

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