Clas Ohlson most Sustainable workplace in Finland 2023

Oikotie, one of Finland’s largest recruitment services, has conducted its annual survey to find out which company has the country’s most sustainable workplace, and Clas Ohlson took first place.

Martina Laxén, HR Manager in HR Business support Operations Finland, received the acknowledgement at a ceremony held by Oikotie on the morning of the 22nd of November.

“I’m very glad and so proud of all co-workers who together make us a great and sustainable workplace,” says Martina.

Clas Ohlson was represented in the category for large organisations together with seven other companies, scoring in total 4,16 out of 5 points.

For the survey, Oikotie asked each of the companies’ employees what they think about their employer within seven aspects of sustainability. From Clas Ohlson Finland almost 130 employees took part in the survey, which is one fourth of Clas Ohlson's employees in Finland.

“In the results, we were especially highlighted for being very good at giving feedback, having a great introduction for new employees, having good work-life balance, being non-discriminatory, and having good, responsible leadership,” Martina says.

“We have a very non-hierarchical, friendly and open workplace, many feel that already in the application process. And when people come to work for the first time, they feel that all co-workers are involved in making you feel welcomed and cared for. The win is truly a team effort!” Martina Laxén says. 
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