Clas Ohlson industry winner Norsk Bærekraftbarometer 2024

"We are very happy that our Norwegian customers recognise the sustainability work we do!"

"We want to help our customers with sustainable home fixing, and we are working to further strengthen and communicate our offering," says Anna Strindberg, Sustainability & Compliance Manager.

Industry results 2024 in the category "Wide product range"

1. Clas Ohlson
2. Biltema
3. Europris
4. Jula
5. Nille
6. Normal

Facts about Norsk Bærekraftbarometer 2024:

Norsk Bærekraftbarometer 2024 is conducted by Norstat Norway and Barcode Intelligence in co-operation with BI Norwegian Business School. The survey covers a total of 155 companies that sell goods or services that are important to people's personal finances. On behalf of the Norsk Bærekraftbarometer, Norstat has asked 4,690 consumers to rate the companies they are customers of. In total, these have provided15,978 company ratings.

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