Clas Ohlson among Europe's Climate Leaders

Financial Times, together with Statista, has listed 600 companies as Europe's Climate Leaders, and Clas Ohlson is in there, with a score (73/100) that places us in the top quarter of the list.

“We are so happy and proud for this recognition of our ambitious work to reduce emissions. We are working to become climate neutral and fully circular in the entire value chain by 2045, and since 2019, we have reduced emissions in our own operations and our energy usage by 62 per cent,” says Anna Strindberg, Sustainability & Compliance Manager.

The companies in the listing have reduced their ‘Scope 1’ and ‘Scope 2’ greenhouse gas emissions, which means emissions from own operations and energy usage, during the last five-year period. Transparency about emissions from further down the value chain, ’Scope 3’, has also been considered, and so have collaborations with organisations for sustainability assessments, such as Science Based Targets initiative and CDP, both of which Clas Ohlson are collaborating with.

“Clas Ohlson has no factories of our own, so during the past year, we have actively worked to establish a method to improve the traceability, estimation and measuring of emissions from the value chain, with focus on materials” says Anna.

Statista, who conducted the research for the list, had invited “several thousand European companies” to submit their data for examination. In addition, they studied the publicly available information for about two thousand companies. From this data, 600 companies were selected to enter the list.

“Looking ahead, we see great potential in continuing to help customers with sustainable home fixing and prolonging the lifetime of products with for example spare parts,” says Anna Strindberg.

You can read more about the listing here: ft.com

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