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Record number of participants and 100-year celebrations at Clas Ohlson’s AGM

Clas Ohlson turned 100 years old this year, which was evident in the festive spirit at the company’s annual general meeting which took place on Saturday 8 September. The event was held at the Tegera Arena in Leksand, Dalarna, which was well suited to host all of the 1,804 participants.


Some of Clas Ohlson’s new products were presented at a product fair in conjunction to the AGM. All the items were displayed in their right context – in different kinds of home environments. In addition to the fair was an onsite pop-up store, offering special deals to the AGM participants.

“Above all, it’s fantastic to meet all the shareholders here at the AGM. We are 100 years old and we are celebrating that today. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we are not satisfied. The prerequisites for the retail industry are changing based on new consumer behaviours and more demanding competitors. In order to meet these changes, we have to develop our company on several levels. As a part of that we have clearly defined the home as our arena, and we have taken important steps in the development of our offer and our digital business. We have been able to both talk about that here and show how it will work”, says Lotta Lyrå, President and CEO of Clas Ohlson.

Read the press release from Clas Ohlson’s AGM on about.clasohlson.com.


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