Who doesn't need some guidance at times?

People contact Clas Ohlson's customer service with all sorts of questions, of which many are of a technical nature.

The most common questions are helped by what we call our "first line.” If the questions are more advanced, they go to our technicians and product specialists.   
"We offer remote assistance so that customers don’t have to make any unnecessary trips to the store, saving both emissions and time. After all, no one likes to carry for example a compressor any more than necessary,” says Markus Busk Salo, Team Manager.   
"We notice that it is becoming increasingly popular to repair old things instead of buying new. People ask which spare parts are suitable, and how they can do the repair. In spring and summer, many also need help troubleshooting cable breaks for their robotic lawnmower.”   
Sometimes, people who contact us believe that their product is broken.  
"Many things are not broken at all, instead maybe they don’t know how the product works. I know that we on several occasions have been able to prevent things from being thrown away, just by giving some guidance,” says Markus.   

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