Vinegar and bicarbonate - great on their own and together

We added these versatile products to our range in 2021 and they have been a success ever since.

"Cleaning with vinegar and bicarbonate is something that's been around for a very long time, and in recent years it's become more widespread again. Much thanks to social media and influencers in organic lifestyle and cleaning," says Monica Mathisen," product manager. 
Our vinegar and bicarbonate are made in Europe, and they are a more environmentally friendly alternative to other cleaning products. 
"I see that much of the old knowledge has a different status today. It's popular to go back to what our grandmothers did, and even further back in time. In many ways, people had a more sustainable lifestyle back then," says Monica. 
"Another really old-fashioned tip is our biodegradable cleaning paste. I use it, for example, to make the kitchen sink sparkling clean, and to make shoe soles white again. It's a hard cake that you lather up with water and a sponge," says Monica. 
The focus on environmentally friendly cleaning products will continue and is part of Clas Ohlson's sustainability strategy where the goal is to be climate neutral and fully circular throughout the value chain by 2045.
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