Some extra light this Christmas

Clas Ohlson is collaborating with a non-profit organisation HelsinkiMissio in Finland to create Christmas celebrations for the elderly in Helsinki region during these unusual times. The purpose was to do something good locally and bring some light and Christmas spirit with Christmas songs for those who need it the most.

“Singing Christmas songs together is an important tradition for Finns and very loved by our seniors, and we wanted to find a way to do this even now in this exceptional year. Singalong events are an important place to meet people and an important part of Christmas, so we hope that we could cheer up as many people as possible through remote singing,” says Inna VintturiHelsinkiMissio. 

“I think this initiative is a really good way to show care and love for the local community and especially for the elderly, who might now feel lonelier and more isolated than ever. Due to Covid-19 the seniors cannot celebrate Christmas as before, so we wanted to help to create Christmas celebratory spirit for them in a new way. I feel proud that we can enable Christmas in every home,” says Nana Paija, Marketing Leader. 

The initiative consisted of three parts. It started in November, when we donated Christmas lights for 8 elderly homes in Helsinki. During December we helped to organize Christmas carol singalongs by streaming a live music event to the elderly homes and by spreading Christmas joy with musicians who sang outside elderly homes which were decorated with our Christmas lights. 

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