Phasing out PFAS

Clas Ohlson collaborates through the RISE research institutes with 22 other organizations to phase out PFAS.

PFAS is a group of substances created for their unique qualities: these materials are for example very stable and have dirt and liquid repellent properties. PFAS are found in some baking papers, ski waxes, cosmetics, surface treatments of textiles, fire extinguishers and frying pans, for instance.
"There are more than 4,700 different PFAS substances. Since PFAS are so stable they do not degrade, they build up in soil and water, some of them are even airborne. It’s been shown that some PFAS can enter into humans and animals, and accumulate there," says Carina Hemstrand, Product Sustainability & Compliance Manager at Clas Ohlson.
What PFAS does to us is generally unknown, most of the substances have not been studied. Studies of a few substances show that some of them have harmful effects.
"Clas Ohlson collaborates through RISE with other companies to share knowledge and working methods in order to find the best ways forward, and to jointly influence the authorities to speed up the legislation of PFAS. We will also develop common materials to inform and communicate with our suppliers," says Carina.

You can read more here about the collaboration: RISE

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