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Clas Ohlson takes new steps with storage provider Vinden


As part of offering its customers a more unique offering, Clas Ohlson now offers one month free storage service included in the purchase of storage boxes. The offering is part of Clas Ohlson’s collaboration with storage provider Vinden.

The pilot project with Vinden started in October 2018 and the joint offer is now available in the whole Stockholm region. The collaboration has been well received and in the next step, the concept will be rolled out to additional cities in Sweden.

“We have collaborated in the form of a pilot project, and the project is showing great results with sales are above target. We help each other in a good way – Vinden, being an agile start-up, can easily adapt their offer and give our customers added value, and we in turn can offer Vinden extra momentum with our long experience in the consumer market and our strong sales and marketing channels,” says Henrik Danielsson, Head of New Business at Clas Ohlson.

The pilot is now entering the next phase, where the concept is fully integrated with Clas Ohlson’s product offer and customers who purchase removal boxes receive a month’s free storage with Vinden.

“By co-packing this product and service, we make our range of storage solutions even more attractive. Enabling more space in our customer’s homes is a great way of simplifying our customers’ lives, while we simultaneously add value to our product offering. Customers can easily access the offer at www.vinden.com/clas, Henrik Danielsson explains.

About Vinden

Vinden is a storage provider who actively works to be part of a sustainable society. The company strives to streamline and simplify the way people live and how we manage our belongings. By creating more space in densely populated areas, today used for storage, we can dedicate space to more enjoyable purposes, such as additional living areas. Read more about Vinden at www.vinden.com


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Niklas Carlsson, Group Head of Communications, +46 247 44429, niklas.carlsson@clasohlson.se

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