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Clas Ohlson winner of PostNords’ Environment Award!

Clas Ohlson Miljöpris Peter Bergestål 2
Clas Ohlson Miljöpris Peter Bergestål 1

Clas Ohlson has been awarded the annual PostNord Environment Award which is awarded to a company that actively participate and contribute to reducing the environmental and climate impact within the transportation sector. Clas Ohlson is awarded the price for its diversion of transport, from road trucks to trains, for its Norwegian store network goods distribution.

– We have had a clear focus on the environment for several years when planning our transport solutions, so it is very rewarding when our efforts are recognised like this. The Norwegian distribution of goods is part of a greater job in diverting transport from roads to rails, in which we have taken great steps during the last years, says Peter Bergestål, Transport Manager at Clas Ohlson.

Clas Ohlson initiated a diversion in transport, from road to rail, in Norge 2014. The diversion means in short that the company now transports its goods to the Norwegian store network with train from Oslo to six distribution hubs, after which the goods is distributed the last distance to the store by truck.

Another piece of the puzzle, when it comes to the Norwegian distribution of goods, came in to place this year when a new transport agreement was signed. The new agreement means that transport now in a vaster scale between Insjön and Oslo is being carried out on rails through a reload in Borlänge for further distribution to the distribution hub in Oslo. Clas Ohlson is now awarded PostNords’ Environment Award for this achievement.

–Energy efficiency and reducing our CO2-emissions from our goods transport is one of our most important targets on our sustainability agenda. In total, this diversion to train transport for our products from the distribution centre in Insjön in Sweden to the Norwegian store network means a reduction of our emissions with more than 80 per cent, which is an amazing result, says Åsa Portnoff Sundström, Head of sustainability at Clas Ohlson.

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