Sustainability reports and documents

Download our sustainability reports and documents on this page.

During the past three years, we have focused on integrating sustainability into our operations and strategic planning, all in order to achieve the best conditions to achieve our long-term ambitions.

This is why we present our sustainability report integrated with our financial and business report. 

Global Reporting Initiative and other frameworks for reporting

We apply both the IIRC’s (International Integrated Reporting Council) and GRI’s (Global Reporting Initiative) framework as guidelines in our reporting. The Clas Ohlson annual report therefore contains disclosures from the GRI G4 guidelines for sustainability reporting.  

The GRI Index gives direction regarding standard disclosures about the corporation and corporate governance, and specific standard disclosures about Clas Ohlson’s material Aspects.  

Reference links in the GRI Index, if not stated otherwise, go to the annual report or to our website. A third party has reviewed our statements and financial reports.

Our annual report is our Communication on Progress, and as such, it explains how Clas Ohlson’s approach reflects our commitment to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. The report has been reviewed by Clas Ohlson’s Board.


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