We are proud of our Nordic Swan labelled candles

Do you know why you should choose Nordic Swan labelled stearin candles instead of candles made of paraffin?

"The main advantage of stearin candles is that they are made from renewable raw material. If you choose to light candles made of stearin instead of paraffin, you avoid fossil carbon dioxide emissions," says Monica Mathisen, Product Manager at Clas Ohlson.   

As a renewable raw material, stearin is estimated to be climate neutral in the long term. The best thing for the environment is to light less candles, but for the candles you choose to light, the ones labelled with the Nordic Swan are a good option. 

Together with our customers who have bought our Nordic Swan labelled candles, we have been able to avoid 350 tonnes of fossil carbon dioxide emissions in the past year, compared to if the candles were of made of paraffin.  

"Another advantage is that the Nordic Swan places high demands on the candles. They should not soot too much or contain any dangerous substances for people or environment. We have high demands on the candles ourselves too," says Monica.  

All our different dinner and pillar candles are labelled with the Nordic Swan. Even though our tea lights are not ecolabelled due to the aluminium cup, the content of the cup is good.  

You can read more about the Nordic Swan here: nordic-ecolabel.org

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