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Clas Ohlson is perceived as the most sustainable brand among other retailers within "leisure and home electronics", according to the latest study by Sustainable Brand Index.

strindberg_anna.jpgAnna Strindberg, Sustainability Program Manager

Sustainable Brand Index is Europe's largest brand study on sustainability. In their latest study, 50 000 consumers in five countires have been interviewed.

The study shows that Clas Ohlson is the industry leader in retail within leisure and home electronics, in both Sweden and Norway. In Sweden, we're now the 53rd most sustainable brand of 381 brands. Last year, we were the 78th most sustainable brand.

"I'm really happy about our movement on the total ranking in Sweden and Norway compared to last year. I'm very proud of the way we're working with social responsibility, not to mention in these times. Furthermore, we're constantly working on new solutions to help our customers live a more sustainable life at home," says Anna Strindberg, Sustainability Program Manager at Clas Ohlson.

In the last year, we have introduced a new assortment of wooden toys and other sustainable products for the kids room. In many stores, we're also offering sustainable services such as tool rental.

"We believe in conscious consumption. For example, our spring campaign is about taking care of the things you already have instead of buying new things," says Anna Strindberg.

381 brands have been included in the study in Sweden and Clas Ohlson is the 53rd most sustainable brand in the total ranking. In Norway, Clas Ohlson is the 55th most sustainable brand (of 287 brands). In Finland, where the common knowledge about Clas Ohlson is lower, we are on number 100 of 195 in the total ranking. 



Sustainable Brand Index Sweden, leisure and home electronics:

1. Clas Ohlson
2. Elon 
3. Elgiganten 
4. Kjell & Company
5. NetOnNet
6. Mekonomen
7. ÖoB
8 Teknikmagasinet
9. MediaMarkt
10. MECA

Sustainable Brand Index Sweden

Sustainable Brand Index Norway, leisure and home electronics:

1. Clas Ohlson
2. Elkjøp
3. Jernia
4. Enklere Liv
5. Komplett
6. Europris
7. Power
8. Elon (Euronics) 

Sustainable Brand Index Norway

Sustainable Brand Index Finland, leisure:

1. Suomalainen Kirjakauppa
3. Gigantti
4. Clas Ohlson
5. Power
6. Biltema
7. Expert
8. Jumbo
9. Veikon Kone
10. Byggmax

Sustainable Brand Index Finland


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