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Spare parts in all Clas Ohlson stores

Clas Ohlson Moccamaster 50-7103
Clas Ohlson Henrik Alfredsson
Clas Ohlson power adapter 12V 51-169
Clas Ohlson solar cell spare 51-3411

Now Clas Ohlson's customers can get quick access to the company's most popular spare parts - from mid-November 2023 spare parts will be available in all stores.

”We have a wide range of home related spare parts in our e-commerce, and to further increase the availability we now sell the most popular spares in all our stores", says Henrik Alfredsson, Product Quality & Spare Parts Manager at Clas Ohlson.

"When a customer needs a spare part, the need is often immediate. By offering spare parts also through our wide store network our customers can get them as soon as the need arises. Therefore, we have also ensured that the spare parts available in the store are not only the most popular, but also of the type that customers need more quickly, such as power adapters and spare coffee jugs”, says Henrik Alfredsson.

Previously, spare parts have been available in part of the stores, but thanks to growing demand, spares will now be made available in all stores in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.  

"We notice in many ways that people want and need to take care of the things they own, even more than before. We have, for example, doubled the sales of spare parts in three years. Spare parts and repairs are in our DNA, it is something we have always worked with. We are proud to have an offer that can help people live more sustainably and economically," says Henrik Alfredsson.

The range of available spare parts in stores will vary by store and season. The entire range is available on Clasohlson.com.

For more information, please contact:

Anders Wahl, press contact, 0247-444 39, anders.wahl@clasohlson.se

Clas Ohlson was founded in 1918 as a mail order business in Insjön, Sweden. Today we are a retail company with customers in three markets, approximately 4,900 co-workers and annual sales of approximately 9 billion SEK. Our share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. A lot has happened since the start in 1918, but one thing has remained the same over the years; that we want to help and inspire people to improve their everyday lives by offering smart, simple, practical solutions at attractive prices. Visit about.clasohlson.com/en to read about us and our passion for simplifying life in all kinds of homes.


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