2017-12-07 09:00 CET Product and consumer news

This year’s Christmas gifts!

The Christmas shopping season begins in November and it has also gained extra momentum in recent years due to shopping trends like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Based on sales figures from November, Clas Ohlson can now give a hint of which products will be this year's big Christmas presents.

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Eva Berg

“Food preparation is generally strong around Christmas and we see that a classic like the frying pan will be among the best-selling Christmas presents this year, along with, for example, the hand mixer that will be top of the list in both Sweden and Norway. A new product that is performing well in several of our sales markets is Philips Oneblade. It is an electric razor that can shave, trim and edge. Overall, I believe that it is the biggest new product this Christmas,” says Eva Berg, Assortment Manager at Clas Ohlson.

Electronic products are often popular for Christmas and something that particularly interests our customers in several markets is the media player, Google Chromecast.

“But there are also other exciting products that stand out in individual markets. We see that the DAB Adapter Tiny C3 + sells incredibly well in Norway, while the Moccamaster coffee maker will be a popular Christmas gift in Sweden and Finland. In Germany, drones are really popular and in the UK, the smart robot MacroBot has stood out in terms of sales,” says Eva Berg.

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