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New technology enables improved design for new the indoor lighting assortment

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Electrical lighting products are getting increasingly more energy efficient and aligned to consumer’s needs. In Clas Ohlson’s new indoor lighting range, even more light bulbs are dimmable, and in terms of design, there are finally LED light bulbs that look like the classic incandescent light bulb!

The incandescent light bulb was part of our homes for more than 100 years, but is now being replaced by more energy efficient alternatives. In addition, regulations for halogen bulbs is becoming stricter next year, which underlines the role of LED as the light source of the future.

“There are preconceptions surrounding energy efficient lighting, for instance that the light looks colder than what you are used to. This is partly correct, as older LED lighting in some cases gave a somewhat bluish light, but today there is LED with perfect light quality and colour rendering. Moreover, I think there is a degree of confusion with low energy lamps, which is something different than LED,” says Daniel Nordahl, product manager at Clas Ohlson.  

The great advantage with LED is that energy consumption is considerably lower than for older light sources. Compared with an incandescent light bulb, energy consumption is approximately 80 per cent lower. Longevity is also substantially better with an estimated 15,000 to 25,000 hours service life, compared with the incandescent light bulb approximately 1,000 hours service life. But the change in technology has also meant challenges, among other things in making LED light bulbs compatible with older dimmers. The new technology has also entailed changed design for light bulbs.   

“We have put a lot of effort in making it easier for the customer to get a good indoor lighting. All products in the new assortment are compatible to make it easy for the customer to mix products and create their own unique style. New technology has also made it possible to develop LED light bulbs which resembles the classic incandescent light bulb, something which many customers have wished for,” says Daniel Nordahl.

See more of the new range of indoor lighting here: http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/campaign/co-always-right-light


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