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Christmas gifts from Clas Ohlson – our best tips

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Christmas shopping is well underway both online and in Clas Ohlson’s more than 200 stores. And we can already disclose what’s on many peoples’ wish lists this year.

“The smart home is a strong category, with, for instance, products such as weather stations and systems for controlling lighting and heating. The Netatmo weather station is very popular and it is not a bad guess that this will be a popular Christmas gift. Netatmo gives you all information about, for example, temperature, air quality and noise level directly to your mobile phone,” says Eva Berg, Head of Assortment at Clas Ohlson.

Another bestseller, particularly appreciated in our Nordic markets, is the energy-saving stove fan.

“The customers especially appreciates how it quickly spreads the heat throughout the room, and the fact that it works without external power. And things you appreciate yourself, is often something you like to buy for others,” Eva Berg continues.      

Clas Ohlson’s range of music products is growing and there are many loud products to choose from. But if you want to offer your children the opportunity to listen to their favourite music or watch their favourite films without risking a too loud volume, we recommend child-friendly headphones with built-in volume limiter. For the somewhat older, there are also several models of what was elected the Christmas gift of the year in Sweden, the VR-headset. But everyday items such as tools are also popular Christmas gifts.

“For the DIY enthusiast, Christmas is usually a good time to finish home projects. For instance, we see a very high interest in our special offering with a cross line laser and distance meter,” says Eva Berg.           

“Finally, all sorts of lighting is popular this time of year. For someone who likes running or taking an evening walk, the beanie with a built-in LED light is a perfect gift,” says Eva Berg.


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