Regulatory 2009-10-30 08:00 CET Financial information

Contract signed for new store in Burlöv Center, Malmö, Sweden

Clas Ohlson has signed a contract regarding a new store in Burlöv Center, Malmö, Sweden. The store will be located in the shopping centre, Burlöv Center, Malmö, Sweden. The Store area will be approximately 1.000 square metres of which 800 square metres are sales area. The store’s primary catchment area comprises approximately 200.000 residents and the store is scheduled to open in March 2010. Future store establishments that have been contracted to date are: Bryne, Norway, in November 2009; Reading, UK, in November 2009, Kingston and Watford, UK, in December 2009; Hageby (Norrköping),Sweden, in December 2009; Burlöv Center, Malmö, Sweden in March 2010; Lambertseter (Oslo), Norway in autumn 2010; Lillehammer, Norway, in November 2010; Norrtälje, Sweden, in spring 2011; Uppsala (Gränby),Sweden, in March 2011; Bodø and Elverum, Norway in November 2011 and Malmö (Emporia), Sweden, during the 2011/2012 financial year. Clas Ohlson plans to open 15-20 new stores during the 2009/2010 financial year, of which between four and eight in the UK. With currently 111 stores and 13 contracted stores, Clas Ohlson will have a total of 124 stores, of which 58 in Sweden, 45 in Norway, 16 in Finland and five in the UK. For further information, please contact: Bo Heyman, Director of Establishment, Mobile +46 (0)70-597 44 90 John Womack, Director of Information and Investor Relations; Mobile +46 70 678 24 99

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