About us
Stine Trygg-Hauger – one of Norway’s most outstanding young leaders! Stine Trygg-Hauger, Country Manager Clas Ohlson Norway, has been recognised as one of Norway's most outstanding young leaders in 2018. Clas Ohlson Norway had a total of three candidates in the top 100 for “Young Leader of the Year”.
Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson – about Christmas shopping moving online On Tuesday evening, the second edition of Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson took place in Lab Store in Stockholm. Retail Talks is a meeting place for discussions about retail trends, possibilities, challenges and business in the future.
An eventful year of celebration Clas Ohlson turned 100 years old in 2018, and this has been celebrated during the year. Thank you to all who have shared the joy with us! Now we are looking forward to at least 100 years more.
A successful collaboration with MatHem In December last year, Clas Ohlson invested in MatHem and an agreement for a strategic collaboration was signed. One year later, the collaboration is flourishing.
Meet Patrick Finch The importance of understanding the customer cannot be overstated. There is an enormous amount of information and data available today, and the possibilities are great for those who know how to take advantage of them.
Clas Fix It – a new way to simplify everyday life This new service is a complement to Clas Ohlson’s existing offering and marks a new step in how the company wants to help its customers to improve everyday life through smart and practical solutions.
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