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A stress-free Christmas The decorations, the gifts, the table settings, the final to-dos on your list before the holidays… many things can cause stress at Christmas time. How about making it stress-free?
Shoppers also feel stressed by Christmas music This is what a new survey undertaken by Clas Ohlson shows. To reduce stress in the stores, we have produced remade versions of traditional Christmas tunes.
Meet Patrick Finch The importance of understanding the customer cannot be overstated. There is an enormous amount of information and data available today, and the possibilities are great for those who know how to take advantage of them.
Webcast Q2 2018/19 View our Q2 webcast for 2018/19.
Clas Fix It – a new way to simplify everyday life This new service is a complement to Clas Ohlson’s existing offering and marks a new step in how the company wants to help its customers to improve everyday life through smart and practical solutions.
Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson – why our homes matter to retail Our home is part of our identity and what we buy to the home become a part of who we are. Our homes are therefore important arena for retail. So, what is trending in people’s homes right now?
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