Save the Children/The Centre for Child Rights and Business

Since 2012, Clas Ohlson has been working with Save the Children in China through their Centre for Child Rights and Business, to support migrant workers and their children

Today, there are more than 260 million migrant workers in China whose 15.5 million children are left behind in the home villages and towns in the countryside while their parents move to the big cities to work. These children often grow up in the care of other family members and may meet their parents only once a year. Often the children who follow their parents to the cities when they migrate live in vulnerable situations with few resources and limited access to education and healthcare.

Through our co-operation with Save the Children/the Centre for Child Rights and Business we can focus efforts on training Chinese parents to be better parents despite the distance from their children, with activities for parents and their kids and the provision of so called Smart Watches that enables digital communication at a distance between children and their parents.

The year 2020 was marked by the pandemic, yet 20 parent educations were carried out online, 12 joint activities for 160 participating parents and children who are living separately. The program with "Smart watches" involved 190 children and parents during the year.

Valikko Kieli