EU timber regulation

EU Timber Regulation 995/2010/EC.

The EU timber regulation aim at preventing illegally harvested timber raw material to enter the European market.

All products in scope of the EU Timber Regulation must be followed by documentation to show compliance with the requirements. A risk assessment is made for each supplier and each article. To do the risk assessment, Clas Ohlson need information, documentation and system for traceability about species, region of harvest and the supply chain.

You as our supplier must make sure you are familiar with the requirements in the regulation and have access to system to show compliance with legal requirements for harvest in the country of origin. You must also be willing to share the information for Clas Ohlson to be able to perform the risk assessment. We require some documentation to follow the article to support your claims. Some documentation can be held by the supplier and sent to Clas Ohlson upon request, e.g. on authority surveillance.

Clas Ohlson prefer certified wood and paper material and certified suppliers, eg. FSC certificate.

Valikko Kieli