Clas Ohlson's requirements

In addition to statutory legal requirements, Clas Ohlson has its own requirements regarding products and packaging.

Reach (EC 1907/2006) article 33 substance declarations

REACH (EC 1907/2006) Article 33 requires manufactures and suppliers to inform their customers if an article contains more than 0.1 % w/w of a substance on the reach candidate list. This obligation only pertains to industrial customers. Clas Ohlson however, feels that consumers also have the right to be informed before they purchase a product. We inform our consumer customers via the packaging and our website if a product contains more than 0.1 % w/w of a substance appearing on the candidate list.

Substances on the reach (EC 1907/2006) candidate list

The product shall not contain SVHC-substances from the reach candidate list in concentrations above 0,1% w/w. Clas Ohlson acts in accordance with the Swedish definition “Once an article – always an article” which means that all parts of the article that were articles before being assembled to become the existing article are to be considered as articles, and therefore should be below 0.1% w/w SVHC, unless a lower limit applies in any other regulation relevant for the article. For guidance on this definition, please look at the link below. If the product contains a SVHC-substance in concentration above limit value, it should be specifically agreed with Clas Ohlson in writing.

The product shall not contain regulated substances from REACH annex XVII in concentrations above limit values.

The product shall not contain regulated substances from REACH annex XIV after sunset date. This also applies to imported products. 


Limit value for PAH substances (EC/1272/2013, reach annex XVII entry 50) 1 mg/kg for the sum of PAH shall apply to all articles not withstanding that directive EC/1272/2013. It shall apply with immediate effect upon new order of an article.

Products of textile or leather

For products made of textile or leather material, Clas Ohlson has requirements of the chemical content depending on kind of leather or textile material, and treatment of the material. Substances and limit values can be found in Clas Ohlson´s documents.


Clas Ohlson wants to avoid PVC as much as possible, both in products and in packaging.  If a product or packaging is made of PVC, the supplier must inform Clas Ohlson what softener and stabilizer is used in the PVC material. No phthalates on the candidate list or stabilizers with dangerous heavy metals are allowed. This also applies to recycled PVC material.

SIN list (Substitute It Now-list)

Clas Ohlson does not allow substances from the SIN list in the products, unless specifically agreed in writing.

Substances on the SIN List are substances which fulfil the criteria for becoming SVHC substances, and it is likely that they will end up on the Candidate List. The SIN-list is held by the International chemical secretariat Chemsec.  Clas Ohlson recommends all suppliers to substitute any of the substances on the SIN list as soon as possible.

You can find information about the SIN-list via the link below (also in Chinese), including portal to the SIN list database (free of charge). The database has a search function where you can search for chemical substances in different materials/applications.

  1. Enter the type of material/product in the Search phrase box and select an application from the list in the “possible uses” box.
  2. Select list (SIN list or Candidate list).
  3. Click  SEARCH.

The results are the substances on the list of choice that might be present in products made of the material or for the application you selected.

Valikko Kieli