Business ethics

Our Code of Conduct and our Code of Business Ethics define the requirements and behaviours that our co-workers and partners are expected to abide by.

Clas Ohlson has zero tolerance of corruption and bribery. We endeavour to ensure that everyone understands their role and the company’s expectations regarding their behaviour, which must always reflect our Code of Business EthicsCo-workers receive regular training in this area.

  • Our target in the 2017/18 financial year was to train employees and partners in and to link business ethics more clearly to human rights.

Clas Ohlson has a strong corporate culture and our core values are the starting point for being a responsible and trustworthy company. Clas Ohlson and society benefit from acting in accordance with the law in a business climate that is free from corruption, conflicts of interest and unlawful restrictions of competition.

The most significant risks regarding corruption exist in the supply chain and when entering into larger contracts. Offers from suppliers or collaborating partners to participate in events, conflicts of interest in the purchasing process and attempts at bribery in connection with audits of suppliers also occur.


We endeavour to ensure that everyone understands their roles and conducts themselves in line with our Code of Business Ethics, regardless of where in the world we do business. This is why we regularly arrange courses for senior executives and for employees who work with large-scale purchasing and agreements, as well as our agents in Asia. The courses are held in small groups in the relevant language, and are adapted to local conditions. Managing ethical risks is particularly important as we expand into new purchasing markets.

Our Code of Conduct and Code of Business Ethics describe Clas Ohlson’s commitment to maintaining high ethical norms when doing business, as well as our expectations of each employee and business partner.

Our Code of Conduct and Code of Business Ethics are included in all purchase agreements and we strive to include them in all major contracts. We are clear that violations of the Code of Business Ethics could lead to consequences under labour law and criminal law, or lead to the termination of the partnership.

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