Our role in society Viewing the impact that we have from the perspective of future generations promotes the long-term aspect we need in our work.
Business ethics Our Code of Conduct and our Code of Business Ethics define the requirements and behaviours that our co-workers and partners are expected to abide by.
Materials and chemicals in products Through setting clear supplier requirements, good control and increased transparency, we ensure that we are always one step ahead in our work with chemicals.
Energy efficiency As we continue to grow as a company, it is important that our emissions from transport and sales do not increase at the same rate.
Attractive employer It is essential for us to be able to offer a stimulating and healthy work environment, where our co-workers feel physically and mentally fit; we also want there to be trust and a sense of security and belonging.
Resource efficient business models By continuing to develop more resource-efficient business models, Clas Ohlson can contribute to a more circular economy.
Products for a more sustainable lifestyle Our products for a more sustainable lifestyle must clearly outperform comparable conventional alternatives on the market in terms of sustainability.
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