A responsible supply chain

It is important for us that our products are made in an environmentally responsible manner. We want to ensure that laws, rules and a high business ethic are complied with throughout our value chain.

We demand that all our suppliers approve our Code of Conduct. We also want them to go through an internal or externally performed audit. External audits are carried out by our business partner Sedex.

Most of the products we sell are made in countries where there is a higher risk of deviation from our Code of Conduct. Approximately 70 per cent of our products are made in Asia, China in particular, which is our largest purchasing market.

Before we start collaborations with a new supplier, in China for instance, we do our own audit of the company. We make sure that our business partners fulfil the requirements of our Code of Conduct regarding working conditions, human rights and environmental issues.

We choose not to work with suppliers that have significant transgressions which cannot be rectified. Once a supplier has been approved a new audit is carried out within a two-year interval.

Auditors make both announced and unannounced visits to our suppliers.


A far-sighted vision

One of our challenges is to create a lasting change in our supply chain regarding working conditions, human rights and environmental issues. We have begun a pilot project in co-operation with a few factories where we are considering a deeper collaboration and how we together can create long-term, positive results.

We also work with Quizrr, a digital tool which educates Chinese suppliers in working conditions, rights and duties, health and safety. We train co-workers and managers at all levels.

Visit Quizzrr's website

For several years now, we have been co-operating with Save the Children/CCR CSR in China to educate migrant workers about parenting at a distance, read more about it here.  

By building strong relationships with strategic suppliers we contribute to a positive change and better working conditions in the supply chain.

Traceability in our supply chain

We see an increasing need for traceability in our supply chain and are currently working to review our level of responsibility and define risks. The issue of electronic products is important, and this will be an area of future focus for us. We are participating in a project called KEEP to develop a traceability system for electrical and electronic products.


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