Our sustainability agenda

Sustainability is a prerequisite for long-term profitable business. At Clas Ohlson we incorporate the environment and social aspects into our corporate strategy and organisation. We have a motto for this process: “From here to sustainability.”

From here to sustainability, as symbolised by the green speech bubble, helps to draw attention to our sustainable offering. Our customers and co-workers must be confident that the products and services we sell are safe to use and that they have been made under good working conditions and then transported with as little environmental and climate impact as possible.

In order to successfully deliver a sustainable offering, we also have to continuously develop our range and our services to ensure they offer a more sustainable lifestyle.

From here to sustainability also describes the journey we are on as a company. It sums up our ambitions and describes the most important issues we face.

We have eight prioritised sustainability areas that help to guide us on this journey. These have been defined in a structured process, which includes dialogue with the company’s most important stakeholders, and are documented in a materiality analysis.


2020: A sustainable customer offering

We promote products and services for a more sustainable lifestyle and help our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

Our sustainable customer offering has a clear role to play and helps us to realise Clas Ohlson’s vision. We are setting out our role in a circular economy.

Long-term ambition: A resource-efficient value chain

We reuse, recycle and develop products and services; we also want to improve our approach to work. All to ensure a more resource-efficient value chain.

Towards a resource-efficient value chain

Our long-term ambition is to contribute to a more resource-efficient value chain. We have identified three important priorities in the 100 more years strategy that will bring us closer to this ambition:

  • Develop the sustainability aspect of our product offering.
  • Develop and market resource-efficient service offerings that promote a circular economy.
  • Create opportunities to reduce the impact of carbon emissions from online shopping and home deliveries.
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