3/16/2018 Clas Ohlson wins international award At the Sedex annual conference in London, Clas Ohlson was acknowledged for the work we do together with QuizRR in training our Chinese suppliers in employee rights, health and safety.
9/21/2017 FSC certified packaging We are introducing new packaging for our audio and video cables. We go from blister packs to optimised packaging in FSC certified cardboard.
7/10/2017 Recycling: Valuable in many ways Corrugated fibreboard and plastic are materials that can be both used for energy recovery and material recycling. Here are great opportunities for value creation.
6/8/2017 Our new sustainability goals By the end of the 2016/17 fiscal year, the targets set for 2020 have already been achieved, so we increase our ambition level even further.
3/13/2017 Sustainability - one step further Together with QuizRRwe are educating workers and managers in how they themselves can contribute and take part in health and safety practices, rights and obligations.
2/14/2018 Clas Ohlson acknowledged for children’s rights work We defined children as important stakeholders to our business several years ago. It is pleasing that this work is being acknowledged but there is still much to be done.
8/21/2017 Only renewable candles at Clas Ohlson We are now phasing out paraffins and fossile based materials from all indoor candles and have developed our entire range of candles to be manufactured from renewable materials.
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