Norwegians shops with Clas Ohlson outside the stores

When stores are closed due to Corona restrictions, customers in Norway can still visit stores outside the entrance. It's now a more popular option than ever before.

But picking up orders outside the stores has still been allowed in Norway since many stores and shopping centers closed due to Corona restrictions in January.  A record number of Clas Ohlson customers are now shopping with Clas Ohlson outside the store entrance.

“We have a good infrastructure with stores close to people’s homes. The last couple of weeks, 7 of 10 online customers have been choosing to pick up their orders outside stores,” says Lene Iren Oen, Head of E-commerce at Clas Ohlson.

clas_ohlson_lene_iren_oen.jpgLene Iren Oen, Head of E-commerce

Since January, Clas Ohlson customers in Alna in Oslo have been picking up orders outside the store.

“When physical store visits haven’t been possible, we have still been able to offer our great customer service and our practical solutions. The customers have been really statisfied and they often tell us that we have a very convenient solution,” says Store Manager Fadoua Aklidou.

In Sweden and Finland, the option to pick up orders outside stores has also been popular.

- I think many customers will continue to choose that option when the pandemic is over. Many have discovered how convenient it is,” says Fadoua Aklidou.

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