Meet a craftsman directly on video call

In times of change, Clas Ohlson presents an updated version of the Clas Fixare service. With video call, the customers can now get professional advice directly on their smartphone.

Clas Ohlson today launches a new function within the framework of the craftsman service Clas Fixare. In the past year, customers have been able to hire Clas Fixare for simpler craftsmanship services, now it is also possible to get help by video calls. With the updated service, the craftsman can instead guide the customer, as a complement to performing assignments on site in the home.

“We have decided to launch Clas Fixare on video call now because we know that many people spend a lot of time at home. With Clas Fixare on video call we make it easier for people to take care of what they already own, instead of buying new things. You can say that we now inspire and help with the home improvements remotely”, says Fredrik Uhrbom, Sweden manager at Clas Ohlson.

The video call service will be free at charge for Club Clas members and Clas Fixare will also continue with regular home visits as before. Clas Fixare was launched at the end of 2018 and is today available in Stockholm and Uppsala with a planned expansion to more locations during the fall. Clas Fixare has received a very positive reception from customers and a total of over 7,000 different service jobs were performed around the Stockholm region in 2019.

With video calls, Clas Fixare is now available to everyone in Sweden with a smartphone. Examples of services the customer can get advice on are assembly and suspension, repair and renovation as well as maintenance.

Book a video call with a Clas Fixare here (only for Swedish customers)

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