Lean towards the future!

Learn from the past and lean towards the future. Whether you are an individual or a company, keep evolving.   

“I have previously worked in different jobs, I liked them, but I one day decided I wanted to go with my passion and become a developer,” says Michelle Opanowicz, backend developer at Clas Ohlson.  
In 2018, when we launched our new strategy, it was clear that we needed to invest in digital development. So, we did and continuously do.   
Clas Ohlson has a new office in Malmö, Sweden, dedicated to developing our digital customer meeting. One of our developers is Michelle Opanowicz. Among many other things, she and her colleagues are currently working with improved options for e-com deliveries.  
“We work agile, everyone shares ideas and if they are good, the team can make them happen. I’m a junior developer, and there is a great exchange between us junior developers and the senior, we learn from each other,” she says.  
Another area we are currently developing, is the customer experience for our Club Clas members both online and offline, for example, easier identification and access to member benefits. 
Our Malmö office was inaugurated in the spring of 2021, but we also have developers in Stockholm and Insjön, Dalarna. 
“The best part of the job are the challenges, the rush you feel when you have managed to solve something difficult, it’s a great feeling!” 

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