Important to have routines for those working from home

When many people are working from home, routines become more important. “Life gets a bit different when working from home. Structuring up your everyday life and getting routines become more important,” says Elin Nilsson, product manager at Clas Ohlson.

Many people are now working from home and many people also have a new kind of everyday life.

"I’ve been working from home for 1,5 week now. I can see how important it is to have routines to make life work, both for my family and for my work. I plan my day so I know when I should work and when I should do other things. It’s good to use planning boards. We have many kinds in our assortment," says Elin Nilsson, product manager for our office assortment.

It’s also a good idea to create a designated place for your home office.

“It’s easier to focus and not get distracted if you have a specific place to work from. It’s like going to work when you still are at home,” says Elin Nilsson.

There’s now a higher demand for products like wireless mouses, keyboards and web cameras.

“We have everything you need for your home office, computer assecories as well as more traditional stationary for the home office. Many customers think it’s convenient to visit one store instead of several different stores,” says Elin Nilsson.

In times of covid-19 spreading in the world, there’s not only work- and office related products that are popular. 

“We actually see an increasing demand for art materials. Maybe people now have more time to be a bit more creative,” says Elin Nilsson.

Three things to remember when working from home:

  • Take a break! Don't sit by your computer for more than 45 minutes.
  • Standing up is always good. You can use your Ironing Board as an adjustable desk.
  • Talk to your colleagues often. It's even more important when you're not meeting each other at the office.




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