A little less ordinary everyday with Clas Ohlson Limited Edition

As a tribute to our founder, we are now launching Clas Ohlson Limited Edition – a carefully selected range of everyday products with an exclusive twist, manufactured in a limited edition.


The Limited Edition products are designed by Clas Ohlson’s design team in Sweden and have been selected to represent best sellers and customer favourites throughout the years, or as a nod towards our founder Clas Ohlson’s own personal interests.

“The basic idea behind Limited Edition was that we wanted to find a way to pay tribute to our founder Clas Ohlson in connection to the 100 year anniversary. We wanted to surprise our customers, but in our own way with everyday products at attractive prices. Everything from design and materials to packaging should add to the feeling of a little less ordinary everyday,” says Eva Berg, Assortment Development Manager at Clas Ohlson.

The first Limited Edition products will be available in stores and online as from 2 June 2018. Products in this first release include, among others, a folding bike, a golden fan, a solar cell lamp basket, a little less ordinary suitcase and an exclusively packaged hand tools set. All products are manufactured in a limited edition.

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