Sustainability - one step further

Sustainability is important to Clas Ohlson.

It is merely fundamental that our suppliers comply with laws and standards, and work according to heath- and environmental regulations. Educating workers in these things, is taking sustainability a step further. 

Normally, the compliance to laws and requirements is monitored through audits. Clas Ohlson has its own team of auditors in China, where about 350 reviews are made yearly. Positive results can be traced back to the audits, but we still want to take further steps to improve working conditions. We are now educating workers and managers in how they themselves can contribute and take part in health and safety practices, and what rights and obligations they have in their workplace. 

Since 2014, we have been working together with QuizRR, a Swedish company, to develop a digital tool for workplace education in China. Since the launch of QuizRR’s programme in 2016, several other Swedish retailers have chosen to use this tool.

“Clas Ohlson is one of our most important partners that, apart from being the first company to join us, is contributing with both knowledge and engagement to improve QuizRR. Together with Clas Ohlson and its suppliers in China, we have made early usability tests and pilot projects,” said Sofie Nordström, founder of QuizRR, at the launch.

During the past year since the launch of the QuizRR programme, 20 of Clas Ohlson’s suppliers in China have educated their managers and co-workers with this digital tool. Six new suppliers are about to enter the programme.

Simon Ho, Factory General Manager at Yikai.

“We want to build strong relationships with suppliers who are taking responsibility and are dedicated to improve health and safety, environment and dialogue at the workplace. By training both managers and workers with QuizRR, our suppliers show this kind of leadership”, says Tony Dahlström, Purchasing Director at Clas Ohlson.

“By using the QuizRR training solution factories can strengthen the factory-brand relationship and create long term business relationships with global brands, while at the same time become an attractive employer for workers and thereby strengthen the factory reputation”, says QuizRR.

Yikai, one of Clas Ohlson’s suppliers in China, who have educated their workers and managers with the QuizRR solution, was appointed ”supplier of the month”, March 2017.

“We think QuizRR can help improve the competence of our employees, widen their knowledge on social responsibilities and change the work environment for the better, as well as reducing the risks at the work sites. The training solution stabilises the flow of employees – less employees change their jobs or move away,” says Simon Ho, Factory General Manager at Yikai.

So far, more than 1840 people with Clas Ohlson’s suppliers have participated in the training.

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