3/18/2019 To meet customer needs in the best possible way
12/14/2018 A stress-free Christmas
9/24/2018 Sofie Struwe new Marketing and E-com Manager at Clas Ohlson Sweden
8/24/2018 Monitoring the conditions in our supply chain
5/20/2018 A little less ordinary everyday with Clas Ohlson Limited Edition
6/27/2018 Hurray!
3/16/2018 Clas Ohlson wins international award
7/16/2018 Help form the future of Clas Ohlson
7/16/2018 Anytime, anywhere
7/16/2018 Join our team
2/14/2018 Challenge yourself, ask those important questions
2/14/2018 Exciting things have happened along the way
2/14/2018 I felt the team spirit from start
2/14/2018 Terry Gao - Sourcing Manager in Shanghai
9/21/2017 FSC certified packaging
7/10/2017 Recycling: Valuable in many ways
6/8/2017 Our new sustainability goals
3/13/2017 Sustainability - one step further
12/9/2016 Clas Ohlson acknowledged for children’s rights work
9/21/2016 Only renewable candles at Clas Ohlson
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