Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct/CSR information

Clas Ohlson has a Code of Conduct which specifies the demands we place on ourselves, our suppliers and contractors regarding working conditions and terms of employment.

Clas Ohlson’s suppliers must respect the principles laid out in Clas Ohlson’s Code of Conduct and act in accordance with them.

Before Clas Ohlson can purchase products or services from a supplier, the supplier must read the Code of Conduct and sign a declaration stating that the supplier will fulfil the demands in the Code of Conduct.

If the supplier employs a manufacturer for the production of products/services which Clas Ohlson purchases:

  • the supplier must, if requested by Clas Ohlson, divulge which manufacturer is employed
  • the supplier is responsible for ensuring that the manufacturer also complies with the Code of Conduct

If a supplier does not sign the Code of Conduct, Clas Ohlson will not purchase products or services from the supplier.

Read more and get your copy of Clas Ohlson Code of Conduct here.


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