Premiere for Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson

Retail Talks by Clas Ohlson premiered yesterday. Retail Talks is a new arena for discussion about the future of retail including trends, possibilities, challenges and business, hosted by Clas Ohlson.

Fredrik Uhrbom, Country Manager for Clas Ohlson Sweden, welcomed the crowd at Clas Ohlson's Lab Store in Stockholm. The theme for the evening was “home." Katarina Graffman, doctor in Cultural Anthropology, gave insight to what is happening, and Jacob Sten, Chief Growth Officer with Clas Ohlson, shared how Clas Ohlson is taking some of the changes on.

“Retail is a very exciting industry at the moment”, says Niklas Carlsson, Group Head of Communications at Clas Ohlson. “We think there is a lot of interesting topics to discuss. Through Retail Talks, Clas Ohlson wants to share insights and contribute to changes in the retail landscape on our markets.”

“The home is part of Clas Ohlson’s strategy,” said Jacob Sten. “In order to meet the needs of our customers, we are complementing our business with more services. For example, we have added Clas Fixare, which we are now rolling out. We have become even more focused on customer’s needs, and we are putting more focus on digitalization to accommodate the new behaviors of the consumers,” Jacob Sten concluded.

Keep an eye out for more Retail Talks!

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