Today, Clas Ohlson is represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK. Our first store opened in Insjön, Sweden 1926.

Our first store outside of Insjön was located in Stockholm 1989. Our first store outside of Sweden was inaugurated in Oslo, Norway, already in 1991.


Clas Ohlson started a mail order business in Sweden in 1918. The very first Clas Ohlson store opened in Insjön in 1926. List of stores.

Development during 2018/19

After some 20 years of positive growth in the consumer durables retail area, the industry is showing signs of slowing down. Growth has shifted from stores to online shopping, which has contributed to higher price and margin pressure for the industry as a whole. With a sustained strong customer base, for example with 2.3 million Swedish Club Clas members, Clas Ohlson retains a very strong position in the Swedish market. Sales increased a total of 5 per cent (SEK) in the financial year.


A mail order business was launched in Norway in 1985. The first store opened in Oslo in 1991. List of stores.

Development during 2018/19

The Norwegian market was characterised by a rapid rate of change and customers appreciate new initiatives as Click & Collect, which is rising in popularity month by month. The new fix-it counter service concept, launched to date in two stores, offers a new shopping experience and service level for Clas Ohlson customers. Four stores were refurbished during the year and Clas Ohlson retained its strong position in the market with a 9 per cent (SEK) sales increase for the year.


The first store opened in Helsinki in 2002. List of stores.

Development during 2018/19

The 2018 retail year in Finland featured relatively stable sales for the industry as a whole with variations i different segments. A large percentage of sales still take place in traditional stores, although large growth is taking place online. Clas Ohlson has a solid position in the market with favourable opportunities to be even more relevant to Finnish customers. Sales in 2018/19 rose 7 per cent (SEK).

United Kingdom 

The first store opened in London in 2008. Currently, we have two stores in UK, which will be successively closed. We will concentrate our UK customer offer on online shopping.

Development during 2018/19

During the financial year, the UK retail market was marked by changes in consumption patterns, resulting in store closures and a higher share of online shopping. Clas Ohlson announced a new direction for the company’s international market presence, entailing that the store network in the UK will be successively closed to instead concentrate the customer offering on online shopping.

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