Today, Clas Ohlson is represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and Germany. Our first store opened in Insjön, Sweden 1926.

Our first store outside of Insjön was located in Stockholm 1989. Our first store outside of Sweden was inaugurated in Oslo, Norway, already in 1991.


Quick facts: Clas Ohlson started a mail order business in Sweden in 1918. The very first Clas Ohlson store opened in Insjön in 1926.

In Sweden, Clas Ohlson is a well-known and established brand. Here, we focus on further strengthening the loyalty shown by our broad customer base by developing our excellent customer service function and making our offerings even more relevant.



Quick facts: A mail order business was launched in Norway in 1985. The first store opened in Oslo in 1991.

The Clas Ohlson brand enjoys a high degree of recognition in Norway, and there is a great deal of interest in our offering.



Quick facts: The first store opened in Helsinki in 2002.

Awareness of Clas Ohlson is steadily growing in Finland, and more and more people are visiting our stores each year. We will continue our efforts to increase awareness in this market.


United Kingdom 

Quick facts: The first store opened in London in 2008.


Quick facts: Our German online store opened in 2016.

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